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[382] At This Point, It’s Getting Ridiculous

I’m always reticent to discuss politically-aligned matters in professionally-oriented spaces like this one. Not because I have any particular aversion to politics (my Twitter and Facebook pages would seem to indicate the exact opposite), but because I generally don’t believe it’s appropriate to discussion subjective matters (like politics) in places where you should be as objective as possible (like anything professional).

Alas, it’s difficult not to be, at least, perplexed, by President Trump’s complete contempt of standard security operating procedure. Most recently, this manifested itself in the president receiving, reviewing, and discussing classified and, one presumes, highly sensitive material while seated for dinner at his Mar-A-Lago club, surrounded by unvetted club members and wait staff. The message was rather blindingly obvious: are you a foreign government seeking access to sensitive material? Pay some money to obtain a membership to Trump’s clubhouse. Everything will be all out in the open there.

And there is not some one-off event. A clear pattern is beginning to emerge:

This is an administration is complete disarray. Mr Trump took office 25 days ago. Its level of contempt for basic opsec is simply unacceptable in an era where the U.S. may well be losing the “cyberwar” with both China and Russia.

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