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[382] China Hacking SK Missile Defense

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that John Hultquist, director of cyberespionage analysis at FireEye, believes that China is performing cyberattacks against the South Korean “Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense” (Thaad), a missile defense technology.

“China opposes Thaad, saying its radar system can reach deep into its own territory and compromise its security,” writes the Journal. Hultquist believes the attacks against Thaad have been coordinated by Beijing.

The specific attack observed is fairly typical: malicious email attachments and drive by downloads seem to have been the tools of choice for infecting the Thaad development teams. Public knowledge of the attempts exists due to “an error in one of the group’s operational security [which] provided FireEye’s analysts with new information about the group’s origins.”

The Journal reports that Kaspersky Labs has also observed an increase in attacks against South Korea, beginning in February.

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