FreezeMessenger Beta 1 Released

After about seven years of on-again-off-again development, I have finally tagged Beta 1 of FreezeMessenger.

From the release page:

This is the first beta of FreezeMessenger 1.0. Most core functionality is present and tested, only minor features will be added, and no breaking API changes should occur at this point. However, database schema changes may still occur; until Release Candidate 1, be prepared to have to reinstall between betas.

Note that, for this release, the following functionality is mostly untested and probably somewhat broken:

  • vBulletin 3/4 support. (PHPBB3 and vBulletin 5 should be mostly working. Vanilla should be fully working.)
  • Microsoft OAuth Logins. (All other OAuth logins should be mostly working.)
  • Memcached and Redis caching. (APC should be fully working.)
  • PostgreSQL and SQL Server support.

The following functionality is additionally still quite rough:

  • Unread message functionality in general.
  • User status indications, such as user typing functionality.
  • Flood detection may be overzealous.
  • Anonymous user posting is not fully implemented.
  • Users are not properly notified when they have been silenced, or when other permission-revoking events have occured.

The primary goal of Beta 2 will be ensuring that the above is tested and working, and that automatic testing is available for all APIs (it is currently available for most functionality). Additionally, most classes will be fully documented by Beta 2, and more API documentation should be published.

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